Best Toys in History

New toys for kids are made each year. Some get noticed world-wide while others pass right under our noses without leaving a trace. However through time, some toys have made such a big impact that they have changed cultures and the world.

Here is a list of some of the most iconic toys that have left an indelible mark in our lives:

  • The Barbie Doll

The Barbie Doll is the status doll for every girl born after 1960. In fact it is the most bestselling doll of all time. Before its inception, most of the dolls were made to represent babies and infants. Mattel Toy Company came with the idea of making dolls of grown up girls which became an instant hit. To date more variations have been made to the dolls creating dolls of every culture with various body sizes.

  • The Teddy Bear

President Theodore Roosevelt’s nickname was teddy. He used to go bear hunting with his friends but when they noticed he had not achieved anything in the hunt, they beat and bound a bear for him to shoot. Roosevelt refused to do it and the media got wind of the matter. Cartoons were drawn about the incident and a guy called Morris decided to create a toy which he called ‘Teddy’s Bear’. This toy became an instant hit and has been until today.

  • The Yo-Yo

This toy is believed to have been around for over 2,000 years. This simple string toy’s history is not very well documented but it has been around for so many years should make it an icon. No one knows how many yo-yos have been sold but to this day, this toy is one of history’s best toys.

  • LEGO

This is another best seller in the world of toys. The Lego was invented by a Danish carpenter adopting the name which means ‘play well’. The Legos are small bricks which are designed in a way they interlink. Children can use these bricks to create things from houses, to cars and trains. Building whatever you want helps to improve kid’s imagination and creativity. Today, the Legos are multi-coloured in all shapes and sizes but originally they were only black and white bricks.

  • Mr. Potato Head and The Hula Hoop

This toy with big ears became an instant hit because it had its own commercial ad. Mr. Potato Head also encouraged kids to fall in love with vegetables. The Hula Hoop is circular toy which allows kids to wiggle it around the waist sold like wild fire in its early years. Today, it still maintains a good market share in the toy industry.