Slot games with a rubber duck yellow theme

Yellow has always been a colour of joy and fun and has always been the colour of rubber ducks. This, coupled with the irresistible squeaky sound of rubber ducks, is just a great reminder of childhood. Imagine a combination of all these attributes in a slot game. In this article, we will look at a few slots with a rubber duck theme.

Top rubber duck slots

Below are a list of some games developed based on a rubber duck theme. 1. Lucky Rubber Ducky: This rubber duck-themed video slot game brings back that childhood nostalgia. It has an amazing symbol arrangement on 5 reels, along with 25 paylines that give you a better chance of winning big. The game also offers amazing free spins.

2. Lucky Ducks: has a classical feel and is built with 5 reels and 19 paylines. It offers an satisfying win bonus which involves a 50x multiplier for spin wins, and also free spins. 3. Doubleup Ducks: this video slot game combines humour and various bonuses to give you an awesome experience. This slot offers free spins as you enjoy the game.

Where to play and more rubber duck themed slots

If you want to win jackpot or explore more of these rubber duck themed video slots, you should find a good casino site where you can play these duck themed slots. Other exciting duck-themed options include Fun Fair, which gives you access to awesome bonus games when you hit 3 or more scatter symbols. Scruffy duck is another exceptional offering as it awards free spins and also free spin multipliers.

Last, but not least, is Duck Slot. With this video slot, you have the opportunity to enjoy 3 different types of jackpots, although you do need at least 5 scatter symbols to unlock any of these jackpots. This slot also offers a free spin feature. These are just few slot games developed based on a rubber duck theme. Try them out.