Ducks Slot Games

Ducks have become part of the popular culture, ever since the first rubber duck toys were made. Game developers on the other hand have an eye for cultural icons, and that is why there are slot games from almost all elements of life.

The cute yellow rubber duck has earned its place in the line-up of accessories of childhood and even adulthood. There are slots, like Ducks ‘n’ Eggs online casino slot game, that pay out and are fun to play, for all duck lovers.

Here are two slots that feature ducks and we recommend you to have a look in for more exciting slots.

  1. Lucky Duck

This game is available on Android and iOS. Lucky Duck is a video poker game which has been transformed into a fun game with good graphics and exciting sound tracks. The game features a multiplayer ability, such that you can play with your friends online.

The minimum stake of the game is 0.25 coins. There is a jackpot, which is fixed at 10,000 times the wagered amount. That means players can win the huge amount of 150,000 they wager the maximum 15 coins.

Lucky Duck also has a free bonus card that comes up after every four hours. Additionally Lucky Duck can send prizes to your Facebook friends if you enable the setting to access your Facebook. The importance of linking the Lucky Duck with your Facebook is that your game data is stored via Facebook. If you have not linked the accounts, uninstalling Lucky Duck will result in a loss of all your game data.

  1. Crazy Duck

The game Crazy Duck is modelled after the famous ducks in cartoons. To be honest, the main character looks like Donald Duck. With a duck theme, this is a game that features a lot of cartoonish things. Crazy Duck gives players the opportunity to win through the different symbols. The can, corn, pipe, and weight symbols can lead to winning 100 credits while the more lucrative symbols are the lighters, ducks, and logos which can lead to winnings of 5,000 credits. There is opportunity to win more with the wild symbols. The baby duck symbol is a scatter and finding three baby ducks triggers a bonus game.You will thoroughly enjoy this game if you like duck cartoons. Additionally, the game is simple to understand and play.

However, if you prefer to do something else such as betting – you can read more about it online. It is possible to play duck virtual games there.