Edwin the Duck

The rubber duck is a toy whose popularity has held on for more than a century. Children over the world love the duck because it is a cuddly little bird that they can carry along and squeeze for squeaks. The simplicity of the toy is part of the reason why it holds appeal and many people use the toy in the bathroom as decoration.

With the age of apps and smart devices, the rubber duck took an evolution. As the result, Edwin the Duck was born. Edwin is a smart duck who comes with an app. It is made by tech Entertainment Company in Pi Lab.

Learn and Play

Edwin the Duck supports play and encourages children to learn. It is able to do all this through its app. Children can toss the duck about as they solve puzzles on a smart device and play duck games. The app has a story time feature too!

The app also has educational games for children who are in school. The games are both fun and relevant to math and science skills, among other subjects. With the app being easily updatable, the child can grow with the toy since there will be a progressive addition of educational material as the child gets older.

Bath Time Fun

There are many parents who struggle with their children at bath time. Let’s face it; some kids just don’t like bathing. Edwin the Duck can help the child start to think of bathing as a fun activity. The toy can float in the water with the child as he or she gets washed. The duck has waterproof speakers, which allow the patent to play music and other sounds to the child in the bath.

Sweet Dreams

When it comes to bed time in many households, there is a fight that can stretch hours. Putting kids to bed is easier with Edwin the Duck. The app allows the parents to set the toy to produce a light that suggests it’s time to sleep. The duck also produces soothing sounds that can lull a child to sleep.

Edwin the Duck is versatile and there is a lot that can be done between an app and the rubber duck. As long as new content is added, the toy will continue to evolve as the child’s needs change with age.