Surprising Facts About Rubber Ducks

The first rubber ducks are suspected to have been manufactured from the late 1800 to early 1900 period. That is because that’s the time man discovered rubber and had started to exploit ways to use it. Rubber ducks have always been an icon for the bath tub and let us admit it; they bring a certain joy and tranquillity.

The Rise of the Rubber Duck as an Icon

It is believed that the rubber duck was made famous by the Sesame Street show. The song ‘Rubber Duckie’ was performed by Jim Henson who at the time did it for the Muppet known as Ernie. The song became a hit, and Ernie added to the gist by going everywhere and sometimes speaking with his favourite Rubber Duckie.

The Rubber Ducking Technique

People have come up with a phenomenon they call ‘rubber ducking’ when listening to someone talk. This is where the listener just smiles a bit while shaking their head slowly. This happens when someone is narrating a problem or dilemma they are in. The listener is supposed to ‘rubber duck’ without offering a solution to the problem. The intention is for the narrator to come to a solution by themselves.

The Rubber Duck Accident

A Chinese vessel hit a pacific storm in 1992 and capsized. As the result, three containers full of rubber ducks accidentally spilled on the ocean! The rubber ducks floated on the sea for over fifteen years where some washed up on the shores of countries like Australia, South America and Indonesia. Some were even found in the shores of the UK. There has even been a reward of $100 for anyone who collects them from the sea. Scientists are also using these rubber duckies to study wave currents.

Rubber Duckie Materials

Though named rubber duckies many people do not know that the actual material used to make them is vinyl plastic. This material is said to be more rubber like and is not heavy.

Even The Queen Owns One!

It is said that Queen Elizabeth II has her own rubber duck. It was reported in a tabloid which caused the sale of the rubber duckies to increase by 80%. No one knows whether she still has it.